Things to consider before ordering an Rum Shack Drink

The concept of a Rum Shack Drink  has become quite common since they are being used today for a wide range of purposes, for a wide range of occasions including company celebrations, weddings, family reunions, etc. Before ordering an etched wine bottle, the most essential thing is, undoubtedly, to decide what you want to engrave on the bottle. But there are also some aspects you should consider getting the most out of your investment. What are those things, let’s have a look!

  • Logos

Product or business logos can be etched on your Rum Shack Drink bottle to give to your retiring employee or a client, as a gift. Some companies offer online services in this regard and have programmable etching machines. You can simply upload your logo design on the machine’s software to get your unique pieces. Mostly the logos are engraved by lasers and since the laser is controlled by a program, it produces extremely crisp, sharp, and accurate cuts. However, before uploading the design, it’s better to show the logo to the company to be certain about the exact fitting of the logo on the bottle.

  • Font style

While ordering for an Rum Shack Drink, you’d encounter only a few samples but that doesn’t mean those are the only choices you have. Thus, find out whether the company has more choices or samples to show. On the other hand, if you are bound to choose only one specific font to represent the event or company, call the customer service center to check whether their professionals duplicate that font style or not. Some engraving companies contain high-end machines to provide a wide range of lettering styles so it’s always better to investigate other options as well.

Besides these factors, also look for the add-ons company has to offer. For instance, you can request proper cushioning or select the packing material.